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Nurse Call Systems

20th April 2016

Wireless Nurse Call Systems from the USA are now available in the UK.  In partnership with Rauland-Borg  aerocom (UK) can now offer the supply and installation of the world’s leading premier Nurse Call equipment.  With over 4,000 systems installed globally within 40 countries, this makes Rauland Responder Systems the leading product within this sector of the healthcare market.

Nurse Call Systems UK

Responder® 5; the innovative Nurse Call System


With Responder 5 the patient is directly in touch with the relevant staff member, real time relay can select the specific receiver via mobile phone or pager. All medical staff are also in direct contact with each other allowing internal consultation. Most of all this is done quietly and efficiently.

Simplicity is the Key

With user friendly designs all Responder 5 devices are quick and easy to operate, minimal user training is required. At the touch of a button a nurse can be contacted, calls can be forwarded (or rejected) and the nurse can also contact other hospital staff.  Efficiency, added to simplicity offers nurses more time for quality patient care, staff can also sign on and off duty with the minimum of effort.

R5 group

Workflow Efficiency

At the push of a button Responder 5 can contact the right person, whether it’s the domestic services to clean a room, transfer of supplies or notifying the ward a patient is returning from surgery. The ability to fully integrate with other devices (mobile phones, pagers etc…) promotes staff efficiency and effectiveness.


Bespoke Solutions

By linking modern wireless technology to traditional nurse call equipment Responder 5 provides the missing link. Designed for flexibility Responder 5 adapts to any hospital environment, we can customise every installation to provide the best possible solution for each client’s internal process.

Enhanced Patient Station Part

Quality & Service

With the combination of a long standing track record of quality product delivered by Rauland-Borg and the reputation of aerocom (UK) Ltd as a quality supplier and service provider in the healthcare market you can rest assured the deliverable standard during a project will be second to none.

”Everything we do begins and ends with Patient Care” on Staff Satisfaction – By streamlining processes and reducing staff workloads, the nurse is able to focus on what they were trained to do.

Whether you require a site wide installation, a stand-alone system within a new ward extension, or refurbishment, then we have the answers.  Please download one of our brochures below.

System Highlights

Communication Solutions

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