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Linear Coupler Installation. Problem Solved!

10th May 2017

At The St. James Hospital, Dublin, our Irish Design Team (APT) came across a huge problem where they were allocated VERY limited space to install the 16 zone  Aerocom Linear Coupler in an underground car park with restrictive soffit height. So how did they do it?

APT teamed up with our design specialists in the UK who provided drawings and layouts for the civil works and mechanical installation. These designs based on the innovative ideas of the APT project manager were fully accepted by the SJH civil engineers, they even used our detailed drawings for the civil works. With Hospital Wards above the designated area, our experts utilised space under the building and excavated to get this piece of  highly complex kit installed efficiently and well within the required time-frame. 

Aerocom (UK) Ltd is part of the APT group of companies, this gives us the mutual benefits of pooling a combined workforce, so when it comes to problem solving, we share the resources and call in the A-Team.

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linear coupler for air tubes 2Click this link to watch the video

Author: Asifa Ayub